Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Big Top Advantage" and how will this help my business?

The owners of Big Top Inflatables (BTI) have owned and operated their very own successful, party rental companies. Over the years, BTI has formulated trade secrets, which supported their businesses. This exclusive, proprietary knowledge has now become available to their customers for Free with their purchase and includes the following:

  1. Professional Rental Agreement Document.
    This document is 2-pages in length and includes indemnification and hold-harmless clauses to protect your business.
  2. Corporate Event Rental Agreement Document.
    This document is 1-page in length and is used as a supplement to the Professional Rental Agreement Document on Corporate Events.
  3. Contractor Agreement Document w/ Sample Pay Plans.
    This document is 5-pages in length and details the roles and responsibilities of hired contractors with respect to your business.
  4. Trade Secret Internet Marketing Links.
    This document includes a secret listing of Internet Directories to list your business on and get the phone ringing.

Why buy from BTI when there are so many competitors?

Great Question! This is probably one of the most important questions that you should be asking prior to making your purchase. Here at BTI, our focus is meeting and exceeding your needs, not just selling you products. By this and as our slogan says, "Your Success is Our Business!" More importantly, we will take all the time necessary to ensure that you understand the industry, have the support materials your business needs to succeed, and ensure you're treated with respect. Our goal is your business long-term, so it's incredibly important that we support your business and grow professionally together.

What vinyl weight are your products built with?

BTI distributes manufactured products that are built with a PVC Coated, Heavy-Duty Vinyl with weights up to 18 oz.

Are your inflatable products double stitched?

All our inflatables are double and quadruple stitched for best performance and security. This is standard procedure with commercial sewing machines. Additionally, the stitch points are set tighter to ensure a tight seam.

How soon will I receive my new inflatables?

All In-Stock Units will ship within 48 hours of your order. Made to Order (MTO) units will take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the time of year. Generally, our busy season is between March and June. Please expect a minimum of 8 weeks for MTO weeks during this time of year.

What Shipping Carriers do you use?

BTI ships with Fed Ex and Daylight Trucking Companies. Please note, however, our Tents, Concessions and Accessories may ship with UPS, USPS, and other major US Carriers.

 When will I start turning a profit on my units?

Typically, you should rent your inflatables for 10% of their retail sales price. For example, if you unit cost $1,000, then your average rental rate should be $100 per rental. Using this formula, not withstanding operating cost, it would take 10 rentals to match what you paid for your unit. Depending on your location, exposure, and experience, you should be renting on average of one rental per week or 52 rentals per year. Based on the aforementioned and a $1,000 unit cost, your ROI would be $5,200 per unit annually. Please keep in mind, however, that this is only an estimate and does not take into account operating cost, overhead, and your time. However, it should provide you with a basis to make and educated decision on stating and growing your business.

Why buy Big Top Inflatables Tents?

BTI Tents contain the following quality that is unmatched by the competition

  • Patented Trio Frame System Design: One Frame...Three Cover Styles.
  • Engineered and Wind Load Tested up to 90mph.
  • 18oz. 1300 Denier Blackout Vinyl with Lacquer Coating, which eliminates sticking and is easier to install
  • Stainless Steel Buckles on covers, which eliminates rust.
  • Double Reinforced Straps and Buckles for super durability.
  • Vinyl Grommets and ½" Steel Snap Button Assembly. No pins or tools necessary.
  • Trio Cast Aluminum Fittings with 10-year Performance Warranty
  • Fully Adjustable Legs: Start at 5 Feet and expand to 8 Feet for Easy Installation.
  • Exclusive Color-Coated Plastic End Caps for Frame Size Identification.
  • Hundreds of Standard Size Tents In-Stock for Fast Delivery.
  • High Resolution 400dpi Digital Printing. Quality printing every time.